About Me

Hi, I was born in 26th of May, 1988. I have graduated PhysMath school N1 in Yerevan in 2004. In 2008 I have graduated from European Regional Academy (ERIICTA). Now I am studying in National Academy in programming faculty.

From early years I had a big attraction to computers, because my father is programmer. In 9th form I started to learn programming. Now I am a web programmer specializing on PHP, Perl and MySQL.

I am linux addicted. It’s pleasure for me to administrate and perceive linux. I am using Fedora linux as my desktop OS.

Also I play bass guitar and sing brutal vocals in death metal band called Bokrag (www.bokrag.com).

And about my GPG key, in case you want to send me an encrypted message :)

My GPG public key fingerprint is

9575 01A4 5F69 9694 70A8 E282 D4A3 9F9B 5443 5131

You can find my public key at hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net. Id is 0×54435131.

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