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Bugfix: Howto turn off gpg-agent usage in Enigmail in Thunderbird

There is some bug in Enigmail v0.95.7 for Thunderbird. If you untick the checkbox “Use gpg-agent for passphrases” in Advanced tab of Advanced settings menu, Thunderbird in anyway will try to use gpg-agent if GPG_AGENT_INFO environment variable is set. The reason is some little bug in Enigmail source code. To fix it, first close Thunderbird, then just open .thunderbird folder in your home directory, search for enigmail.js file. It have to be in extensions folder in one of the random name folders. When you have found the enigmail.js file open it with your favorite text editor and find line number 1368. It have to be this:

useAgent= (this.gpgAgentInfo.envStr.length>0 || this.prefBranch.getBoolPref("useGpgAgent"));

Change the || sign to &&. After change this line have to look like this:

useAgent= (this.gpgAgentInfo.envStr.length>0 && this.prefBranch.getBoolPref("useGpgAgent"));

Save file. Now open Thunderbird and enjoy.

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Start guide to GPG

Very good video tutorial that will help you to start using the GnuPG

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Problem with apxs under Fedora 7 x86_64

I was trying to compile mod_openpgp under Fedora 7 x86_64 with command:

apxs -c -Wc,-g -i -l gpgme -l gpg-error -I /usr/include/ mod_openpgp.c

Output was:

cannot open /httpd/build/ No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/apxs line 201.

The problem caused because pkg-config --variable=libdir apr-1 was giving just nothing. It happens because I had installed apr-devel.i386 and httpd-devel.x86_64.
Problem solved by removing i386 apr-devel and installing x86_64 version instead :)

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