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LastPass password manager review

Few days ago I have found extension for Firefox which called LastPass. LastPass is a tool for remembering all your passwords and not store them on your local computer. It is very convinient to use it when you have several computers (for example at home, at office) and you need to synchronize your passwords across them. They say that they encrypt passwords localy, by binary executable which comes with an extension, and send send them in encrypted way. They say that even LastPass employee can’t see your passwords. This extension was also recomended by Mozilla, so I decided to use it and store all my passwords there.
So what I disliked there. Sometimes LastPass messing up your passwords. It suggests to use some password that is not from there. It is happening because it uses some kind of messy URL matching. It will be great in next versions to able to write wildcard URLs.
In conclusion, I advice to use it as I think that this is a good project and it will get better in near future.