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Few days ago I was trying to get Compiz Fusion work on my Fedora 8. Compiz Fusion is a new name for famous 3D desktop which named Beryl. Now two composite desktop managers have merged and now this union is called Compiz Fusion. After downloading their repository for yum I have installed everything like they say in forum. Everything is fine, cool and everything like that, BUT! When switching to another viewport of the cube, items in taskbar remains the same. For example I open Konqueror on Cube side 1 and open Firefox on Cube side 2. On Cube side 1 I see both firefox and konqueror. It is very uncomfortable! I start googling and find the alternative for KDE’s default taskbar. It called taskbar-compiz. After download and compiling it I have got new taskbar which supports viewports!!! It’s GREAT!!! BUT! When compiz-fusion is in autostart and when KDE loads, viewports doesn’t work again!!! I have noticed that if you remove taskbar-compiz then add it again it works. So taskbar-compiz have to load after compiz-fusion. For this reason I wrote a little Perl script which executes compiz fusion, waits some time and then restarts kicker using dcop.
Here is my script:

  exec("dcop kicker kicker restart");

Put link to this script in ~/.kde/Autostart/

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  1. Such is the pain of linux, sometimes. Especially with something (slightly) newish like FusionCompiz.

    I think that sometimes in spite of all of it’s greatness, the disjoint OSS development model has this disadvantage of integration between pieces sometimes being a bit delayed, or implemented a bit poorly by a third-party that doesn’t have everything he needs to get things working perfectly.

    Very good work around 🙂


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