Fedora 9 review

Yesterday I have installed Fedora 9. First of all I want to say that I was waiting for this release for a very long time and I had expected stable, well tested OS from Fedora. But unfortunately it started disappointing me just from installation process.

When I have booted from Fedora 9 DVD to start installation process it asks for checking installation media. I said OK and it started to test. After test finished it ejected DVD and said that this is ok to install from this media. I pressed Enter. Setup loaded tray and said just “Error”, without any explanation. Then I pressed again Enter, it ejected again. Then loaded and again “Error”! What a shit!!! I was unable to continue the installation, so I rebooted computer and started from beginning. This time I said “no” when it asked to check installation media. Setup continued.

Everything was ok until disk partitioning screen. As usual I mentioned the partition for / filesystem and also I mentioned where to mount other partitions. When I pressed continue, it said “Fatal error” and a lot of debug information and exited setup. It was unable to mount FAT32 partition. And again I restarted installation and of course this thime I didn’t mentioned any mount points except /.

Then when finally system was installed I started it for the first time. Login screen was something ugly! Not only by design but also by functionality. What they have done with super login screen that existed in Fedora 8! To login with root account you need everythime to click on the “Other User” button for text box to appear. Then it asks for desktop environment (KDE or GNOME). The most shitty thing in the login screen is that it is unable to remember the last desktop environment that you have used. It always want to start Gnome and if you are a KDE user you have to select KDE at every login.

I must say that I had great expectations from KDE 4. It disappointed me! KDE has become something like Windows Vista. They have destroyed all his power. Options dialogs that were huge and were giving great flexibility in configuration now become couple of checkboxes :(. This is very bad! I couldn’t even find how to autamaticaly align to grid desktop icons.

Except that KDE 4 was very very buggy. taskbar works very bad, desktop environment too.

I hope that this is just one of the first versions of KDE 4 and it will become better in future.


  1. I’ll have to check it out. I prefer Gnome over KDE so maybe I’ll at least avoid some of the issues…

  2. I also encountered this problem with Fedora 9 and it was really disappointing. Good thing they improved these problems on the next release.


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