Red5 installation on Fedora 8

I was trying to install Red5 on Fedora 8 for about 3 days :). I was using this tutorial, which is called Setting up Red5 on Fedora Core 4, to do that. I was using it because I have previously used this howto and had success. But this time it was awful 🙂
Just after installing java and ant and exporting path variables I was trying to build Red5, but I was getting a lot of unresolved dependencies and of course build failed. After some googling I understood that just Red5 moved to googlecode and Ivy (dependency manager for java) was trying to find dependencies from old repositories. Just if you download 0.6.3 version of Red5 as mentioned in howto you will find it impossible to compile Red5 🙂
I have found the new howto, which is located here, which does not describe howto install java, but does describe howto install latest SVN version of Red5. This time Ivy was searching dependencies on googlecode, and everything worked this time 🙂
Just I will ask to Red5 to remove old howto (or modify it), because I think there will be many people like me that will spend 3 days on Red5 installation

Good luck


  1. Thnx a lot 😉 I was trying to get it to work on gentoo… n i was stuck on the same errors.. but the svn version seems to work now 😉

  2. thanks alot, well i didn’t spend 3 days thanks to you. i just searched google for a minute, you’rre the first on the page and presto.



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